11 Sep

Play Mosh Pit!

That’s right welcome to Mosh Pit Beta!

It’s about time we let you get in there to squish some people into a fine tomato paste! We want to know about any bugs you encounter playing or any feedback you have. If you’ve got something to say we want to hear it, it’ll only make this game better. Post it up in the comments!


7 Sep

New Concept Art

Mosh Pit is underway for bosses. Here’s one of them, he just might turn up in something very soon:

14 Jun

We aren’t dead

Some news from the camp:

We’ve just submitted a version to IndieCade , PAX and the Adobe Student Design Competition where we hope to kick massive amounts of ass.  We also plan to submit to IndiePub with in the next couple weeks.

So why can’t I fuck shit up?

Right now Mosh Pit is split up into a preloader and a main swf and while this is good for the competitions we’re entering it’s not good for the websites we want to put the game on. So we’re working right now to merge them into one file and lower the size so we can bring it to you. So the release date has been changed to TBA.


1 Jun

Beta Screenshots

The game is nearly done, just a loading screen and two freaking out buttons to go. Since we’ve had to push the release date back a couple of days while we solve them I believe some screenshots are in order. A lot has changed since the alpha we’ve given more thought to the graphics, the feedback and ESPECIALLY the level design. Check them out.


21 May

The Concept Before the Game

Before Mosh Pit even existed there were doodles in a sketch book of mine. You can see how Ozzy evolved from a combination of a Hardcore kid mixed with Zakk Wylde to his more recognizable albeit skinny self. At one point we even had a multi-national team going, see if you can recognize who I based them off of.


16 May

Play Mosh Pit

The battle begins June 1st.

15 May


Download Mosh Pit’s Soundtrack.

Right Click Save-As

Intro:   Download

Metallesqua – Level 5:   Download

Slay or Die – Level 6:   Download

White-ish – Level 7:   Download

15 May

Alpha Screenshots

Some selected screenshots from our alpha. Beta will be out May 25th!

Play Mosh Pit!

That’s right welcome to Mosh Pit Beta! It’s about time we let you get in there to squish some people

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